Why Choose an In-home Newborn Photography Session?

Family sitting on bed during their in-home newborn photography session. Big brother is kissing baby sister.

The first few weeks with a newborn are filled joy, love, and sleep-deprived bliss. As a mom, you are very excited to have your new bundle of joy at home as a new member of your family. They are so tiny and precious. Below I will give you some reasons why you should choose an in-home newborn photography session to capture those precious memories of your sweet new baby.

Less stress on mom

Bringing home a new baby is stressful. You have a whole new little human to take care of. If mom is stressed, then baby can be stressed. Prepping for an in-home newborn session is easy and can be less stressful for you as a mom. You are sent a prep guide before your session to read over so there won’t be any surprises and you’ll know what to expect during your session.

In-home newborn photography sessions are very much baby-led, so we take breaks any time baby needs it, whether that’s for a diaper change, feeding or extra cuddles. You don’t have to worry about trying to keep baby awake before the session or changing your routine. It’s okay if baby is awake for photos.

And don’t worry about if your house is messy. Because let’s face it, the last thing on your mind when you bring a baby home is cleaning. As a photographer, I walk through the house looking for the best locations to photograph, usually the bed, nursery or living room. If anything is going to be in the photos that isn’t wanted, I will move it out of the frame, or ask for it to be moved. The one thing in my prep guide is to just have nightstands and around the bed cleaned off of tissues and cups and wiped down so no stains or dust is showing.

The focus of photos is on you and your beautiful family. Your job is to relax and enjoy the memories.

You can include your whole family

Your whole family can be in the photos. This includes siblings, grandparents, and even your pets. I like to take photos of the family first and then take photos of siblings, so they can go off and play. Grandparents, usually the grandmas, are often at home during the session. They are are a big help with watching the siblings while mom and dad get more photos taken. It’s always nice to get a photo of grandma and her grandbabies.

Of course moms want photos of their older kids with their newborn baby. I usually try to get a few different photos of siblings. This can be with the older sibling holding baby, or laying next to baby or even looking in the crib as baby sleeps. If the siblings are younger, then it sometimes takes a little more patience to get them to cooperate. Not all siblings want to hold or even touch the new baby. But usually, with the help of mom and dad, or even a little treat bribe, we get a photo that mom will love.

You can’t forget your little fur baby, after all, they may have been your first baby. Of course your pets are allowed in the photos if you feel they are safe around your baby! This is usually a very relaxed photo, since most pets don’t like to sit for long or look at the camera. I’ve photographed dogs and cats with families.

Less stress on siblings

I like to chat and get to know families when I come into their home. I often ask big brother or sister to help out and show me the rooms where we might take photos. Sometime they like to show me their favorite toy and I’ll play with them for a minute. I’ll ask about their favorite cartoon or game and if they are older I’ll ask about school or activities or sports they play.

I do all of this to get the kids involved in the process and to help them feel more comfortable with me in their space. Some kids are shy and may take a little to open up and some love to follow me around and talk. I love it either way! But, being an introvert myself, I do understand that some kids may not open up at all, and that is okay, too.

The more relaxed the kids feel, the easier it will be for them to cooperate for photos. If they need breaks, they are at home, so they can go play or get a snack.

Photos are taken in the comfort of your own home

What better way to take photos than in the comfort of your own home? With an in-home newborn photography session, you don’t have to leave your house. Therefore, there is no stress of getting the kids packed up and in the car, hoping you won’t be late to your session.

Did you bring enough diapers or snacks or extra clothes? You don’t have to worry if you left something at home because you’ll already have everything you need. Your fresh coffee or snack is just a few steps away.

Is your older child getting cranky? You can just grab them a snack or put them down for a nap if needed once they are done with their part of the session. I always like to start with family and sibling photos, so the kids can move about as they normally would.

Include photos of the baby’s nursery

Many parents have spent months decorating the nursery getting it ready for their new baby. So much time went into choosing the theme, furniture and colors they like to make it just right. This is the perfect time to get photos of your family and your baby in the beautiful space you created.

I love to incorporate all of the little details of the room into your photos. I love photos of big brother looking into the crib at his new baby sister. Or big sister holding baby brother in the rocking chair. These are all sweet memories to look back on long after the nursery decor is gone.

You can have posed photos of baby just like in a studio

Some photographers only do lifestyle photos for in-home newborn photography sessions. Some do posed only. Others, like myself, offer the best of both worlds and include lifestyle family photos as well as posed photos of baby. I start with family photos and then setup for the posed photos.

I bring a little setup similar to a studio but smaller. This doesn’t take up too much space. It can be setup anywhere that has open space, whether that’s the nursery, office or even the dining room. I bring everything with me including lighting, outfits, props, backdrops and headbands/hats.

There are still no worries if baby is awake. I start with wrapped images and often the sweet newborn will fall asleep after a bit and I can do some cute poses. The newborn is always kept in a diaper, outfit or wrap, so they are usually warm. This helps them stay asleep.

Overall, an in-home newborn photography session is a relaxed experience that captures your growing family as you are. These photos will create memories for you to look back on in years to come.

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